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February 5th
ū12:29pm ū
[ mood | contemplative ]

So i've decided to start using my journal again

i'm ungrounded the 9th! WOOO

i am confused about everything right now, such as life/boys/etc.

what i found hillarious was the other day my mom says "why don't we go see Nanny Mcphee sometime" like all serious, and i just pretended she never even said it, wow i love my british mom <3

ive been thinking of starting up a little band haha. it will be pretty sweet

MeltingNurEyes7: HAAHA
MeltingNurEyes7: my dad is at the superbowl
babysun132: like AT the superowl
babysun132: holy shit
babysun132: i can see your dad like standing in a crowd with his face painted and like screaming
babysun132 is away at 11:49:37 AM.
MeltingNurEyes7: OMG I LOVE U
MeltingNurEyes7: serioisly
MeltingNurEyes7: marry me
babysun132: OMG YES I WILL


make sure you watch it

or ill kick your ass.

right now my dogs are spazzing out and my neighbor has must of said "theres a burgalar out here", about 10 times in the last 30 seconds.
have a nice day, - tori

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me! [Thursday
December 8th
ū4:47pm ū
stuff about me!!!!

- my name is tori
- i love to be loud and crazy
- i like to wear the same pants almost everyday
- i play the guitar
- i tend to fall HARD for a guy.. even though its a guy i shouldnt be liking
- taco bell makes me giddy and joyful
- i am obsessed with mascara
- im lazy as fuck
- i love meeting new people. and everywhere i go.. i always meet someone new!
- i hate being ignored and annoyed
- most fat people give me problems
- i dont like people who think their badass cuz their living
- my baby pictures are pretty hood if you ever see them
- i am a sucker for a sweet talker !! (in some cases)
- i like to play pictionary in my spare time
as well as family fued
- ddr is a kickass game
- i think jonny depp is the hottest man EVER!
- i only have a few close friends i can trust
- i like to roast marshmellows and make smores
- taking pictures is fun
- i have really ugly feet
- i like to surf in shopping carts with julie
- i like to party.. but i need to stop haha
- starbucks is a cool place to be when im feeling emo <3
- my skimboard got stolen in the hurricane.. and i love to skim
- im OBSESSED with my computer and myspace .. im guilty of that
- im a big fan of all kindsa movies (only sccary movies with a guy tho)
- if u have nice teeth i will look at them.. its prretty strange but true
- i dont like people who think they are the shit
- i think backgammon is a really cool word. along with sasquatch
- i like to drive while my dad jams out to mike jones
- i have the sweetest grill you will EVERRR SEE!
- pac sun is love
- i have a cat who has a mole and i love it
- i am one of the most random people you will ever meet
- i like dancing in the rain and acting like an idiot
- kayaking but not when i see a shark
- flicking off old people.
- i like using wheelchairs to get into rides faster with my family
- hitting up sunsplash, is a plus
- cake batter ice cream
- my fluffy feather pillow.. cant live without it
- i hate putting contacts in . it blows
- my favorite food would have to be anything italian
- i have an open relationship with my dad
- i lovvvve drinking slurpees
- peeing in the sea is cool
-i like dancing like a crazy white girl
-i like almost falling off cruise ships while doing the moonwalk
-steak and shake
- playing guitar is always fun
- ive always wanted to own a yamaca just for the hell of it
- im a reallll BIG nerdddbomber
- i like to read cosmo girl and get the sweet gossip
- british accents are wonderful
- ive always wanted to ride an ostrich to sweeden
- i don;t like getting squirt in the face with fat kids in speedos , running around with super soakers
- i dont like rollercoasters.. nor heights.. no matter how much u push me into it i wont do it
- im very selfish. if i dont wanna do something or give u something, no one can ever make me
- i always tell people the truth about what i really think of them.. even if they do get mad at me
- i suck at cooking. but i can cook mac and chese
- i have an open mind up to a certain extent
- i have performed in the orange bowl
- i have shook trace adkins hand
- i like the way billy joe armstrong dances
- i like to listen to taking back sunday all the time as well as the academy is .. i hope to see them in concert sometime
- i looooove my cousin anna!
- i like random trips to walmart and 5th avenue
- i feel most comfortable in my jackets
- i wear whatever the fuck i feel like wearing. if you dont like my style. too bad
- i like to sing and make a fool of myself while singing
- people think i have fake eyelashes hahaha (liz and lydia) <3
- i am proud to say i changed in the sunstars movies parking lot with elizabeth after homecoming
- i love food and cant go more than an hour without it
- im addicted to family guy <3
- i like disney channel as well
- but i dont like kim possible
- i like chicken little mcdonalds toys
- i like emo bangs and bands. i think their all sexy
- i have wanted to get my belly pierced since 6th grade and still havent done it
- i used to wear a knee brace. hahaha i know its awesome
- i like to go on cruise ships
- i like to shop. but only when im in the mood
- i think george bush is an idiot
- i try to keep myself from dumb retarded people . who think their the greatest.
- i like sparkley things and find them interesting
- i like to dip my pizza in ranch sauce
- the olive garden is one of my favorite resteraunts
- my cell phone sucks at life
- so do people with moles
- my favorite scent of perfume right now is Nollie
- i don't like to carry a purse it just adds more weight and more shit to lug around
- i like to wear vans and reefs
- i think snorkeling is pretty sweet
- i have the most funniest friends ever
- i hate the "ride it like a ford" commercial . i think it is possibly the most mexican thing i have ever seen
- i like sunbrarows tho
- i want to relive the easy bake moments i had in fourth grade
- i am possibly the coolest person you will ever know! haha
- i like to take a lot of samples at costcos
- i get paranoid really easy when i see creepy people
- i think everyone is out to get me
- i have been kicked out of school before. and it sucks
- i have done some pretty stupid shit
- im 15 years.. almost 16 in january
- i plan to see you got served with julie hahaha
- i lke buffets. the more the better.. go big or go hOMME!! HOLLA

wow havent updated in a while ... the last two weeks have been fucking crazy! good and bad.. lets just say i made a huge mistake one night. and just lost a chance with someone :(.. oh well the opportunity will come around again hopefully. and he can see a different side of me.. but yeah i was an idiot and fucked up everything!!! rawr. christmas is soon thats pretty sweet!! my friends are great. i wish i could hang out with some of my old ones sometimes. i really miss em.. how they used to torcher me in school!! haahha when i had my rolly backpck and scetchers/ HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

peace out cubscouts
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October 18th
ū2:51pm ū
well this weekend has been soo fucking awesome!!!!!!! friday i hung out with a bunch of people.. and partied..saturday.. same.. sunday hung out with bonnie and talked about stuff.. mostly emo conversations is what we talked about lmao.. then mike came down and we hung out with him for a bit.. yesterday was the highlight of my night tho!!! I WENT TO SEE THE EFFING ROLLING STONES.. i couldnt tell you how amazing that was.. seriously.. theyre 62 and can still FUCKING SING!! now that is talent .. well on the downside i almost like died haha.. some drunk lady pushed a girl onto me and i almost fell off the row thing we were on.. it was pretty awesome though.. like a mosh pit!!

well some people are pissing me off.. im just gonna do my best to avoid that.

i love you all!!
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October 11th
ū8:53pm ū

same shit going on.. like usual being yelled at for no reson.. im just gonna move out when im 16 i can't take this bullshit any longer. no one needs me here anyway.

on the bright side hanging out with lauren and jenna was a blast today.. theyre hillarious.. but no when i come home i have to get bitched at and grounded from my computer for fucking coming home 5 minutes late.. wow this is so fucked up.

im excited to see sadie this weekend too she always lifts me up when im down :)
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October 4th
ū7:22pm ū
[ mood | calm ]

(x) Slept all night in a bed with a person of the opposite sex
(x) Slept all night in a bed with a person of the same sex
(x) Slept for more than 12 hours
(x) Missed a week of school or more
( ) Put chapstick on more than 5 times in an hour
(x) Kissed more than one person in a day
(x) Kissed more than two people in a day
( )Created a myspace survey
(x) Eaten a worm ( a gummi worm)
(x) Jumped on a trampoline
( ) rode a unicycle
(x) Done something special for someone else
( ) Stolen a tray from a fast food restaurant
(x) Paid more than $50 for food at a fast food resturant
(x) Got caught for cheating on a test
(x) Talked on the phone while going to the bathroom
(x) Brushed your teeth while on the phone
( ) Worked in fast food
(x) Written a poem
(x) Randomly called people out of a phone book
( ) Put bananas in your cheerios
( ) Lied to a friend to make them feel better ( im brutally honest! haha)
(X) Dated someone more than 2 years older than you (sortta)
(x) Eaten frosting out of the original container
(x) Had a dream about a myspace friend
(x) Fallen in public
(x) Had your pants rip
( ) Recently had a PB&J sandwich
( ) have your parents meet your principal.. i dunno
( ) Killed an animal
( ) Been prescribed to 3 or more medications by a doctor
(x) Wished you were an only child
( ) Used your friends razor with out them knowing
(x) Been unproud of a decision you made
(x) Worked for a family member
(x) Been told you were too young
(x ) Made out in a car
( ) Kissed a friend, then their best friend
(x ) Been to a concert.
(x) Gotten away with a lie to your parents
( ) Been dumped the night of a dance and left with out a date
( ) Been cheated on
( ) Gone out with a person one of your parents set you up with
(x) Hate to admit you are wrong
(x) Ridden on a shopping cart
(x) danced in a Mini Mart
(x) Went into a mini mart in socks
(x Worn a tiara
(x) Been in a play
( ) Gone to church more than 2 times in a week
( ) Copied more than 30 CD's in a day
(x) Made a movie
( ) Dressed "gothic"
(x) Worn 2 or more layers of clothing
(x) Had a stalker.. AHAHAH
( ) Been to California
( ) Lived on a house boat
(x)Swam in clear blue water
(x) Sat in a doctors office with a friend
(x) Ran across 6 lanes of traffic. ahaha wow almost killed myself.
(x) Made fish lips
(x) Hit on a waitress/waiter.. hahaha as a joke.
(x)Taken pictures of a stranger
(x) Been to Bush Gardens
(x) Made a public speech
(x) Been on television
(x) Choreographed a dance
(x) Felt used
(x) Made a smoothie or milkshake
(x) Had fun at work/school
( ) Watched Desperate Housewives
(x) Watched a movie/TV Show so often you could quote every word.
(x) Listened to an old NSYNC or Backstreet Boys CD more than once in a day AFTER they were popular.
(x) Kept something from a past relationship
(x) Given someone else flowers
(x) Taken a foreign language
( ) Gotten to school at 6:15 in the morning... are you crazy?!
(x)Laughed for no apparent reason.. do it all the time lmao

soo havent updated for awhile.. my weekend/ week so far has consisited of

-flight plan
-sleepover with dawn and sam
-having fun
-sam cutting my hair
-dancing with drunk parents <3
-talking to the king of frozen food
=pegging on bikes
-almost getting hit by cars
-rididng on shopping carts
=beaching with lauren
-getting a.s.
-hating mr. wallace
-eating bagelers
-being crazy
-taking photos at the skatepark
-cramming into joe's truck.. while he goes 100 miles per hour.. OVER SPEED BUMPS
-36 mafia and mike jones
-getting homecoming pictures developed

hmmm .. thats bout it. this weekend should be funn GLOWBOWLING WOO

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September 12th
ū10:14pm ū
[ mood | sick ]

so i was sick as hell today!!!!

hopefully ill be able to go to school tomarow


i love my mother dearly <3

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September 10th
ū4:50pm ū


tonight ill probly hang out with bonnie and party like its 1999

i could really use it.
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September 5th
ū10:52pm ū
[ mood | listless ]

so today wasnt too bad.. i guess my mom and me are talking..were always better when my parents friends come over.. but i still don't know... today i woke up around 1.. talked online just chilled around. i was gonna go to the beach but i was to lazy to hahah

and then around the evening the pollaras came over for a memorial day BBQ... wow lisa just cracks me up so much.. shes this funny little 10 year old who likes to have seizures in outback steakhouses. <3.. we ate alot.. and watched Monster In Law.. it was actually a pretty decent movie

im still worried bout the whole situation ..but im sure it will get better... thanks Todd..Amanda And Sadie for talking to me about it.. i love you all <3

well theres school tomarow which suckksssss the big one. so il probly head to bed shortly

i love you all very mucho ♥

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September 5th
ū12:04am ū
[ mood | sad ]

wow im a complete mess right now... tonight was the night that i was banned from hanging out with one of my best friends.....

why does life have to be so miserable?

apparently " i always ruin everything in the family"

i guess im just a bad kid...

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September 2nd
ū4:56pm ū


to hump my dogs!!!

September 1st
ū4:29pm ū
[ mood | aggravated ]

hmmm.. well

i sure have some pretty shitty friends..

now this just makes me relize.. what a true friend is

and a bitch. .. nothing exciting has happened lately

i kinda wanna move. far away from here.. but then i wanna stay cuz i have some great friends..

soo theres this kid.. and hes really amazing..but theres also reality. haaha im trying to sound smart dont no if that made sense...

i worked out yesterday with ash..my arms are so fucking sore. </3 homecoming is soon.. i dont know if im going.. i probly will.. i lvoe to dance. "is that what you call a gettaway tell me what you got away with cuz i seen more spine in jelly fish ive seen more guts in 11 year old kids"

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last night was funnn [Friday
August 26th
ū11:34am ū
[ mood | dorky ]

well last night i went to the game with Alexis... i sat with mollie,rob,jen,kristin,her sister,geoff,austin, and some other people..found out some interesting stuff about someone. then at halftime hung out with some cool people.. i met this kid named joe hes fucking awesome.

i was really hyper at the game. i have no clue why.. i was just spaztic rofl.

i freaked out. because nick said some kid ran away with my cell phone. and i was like OMFG i cant loose my phone. so he made me chase after the kid.. and it turns out that HE HAD IT! hahaha i was ready to shoot the kid. <3

and then mollie screams out CODY JUMP ON TORI AND ILL GIVE U A DOLLAR .. so of course he jumps on me. i fucking hit this little black kid in the face. and the lady is about ready to punch me. hahahaha it was crazy

after the game we headed to Boomers for a little.. EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM WAS THERE. wow .. Daniel and Eric were cracking me up omg hahaha.. i saw some friends there that i havent seen for awhile. me and joe's handshake is effing awesome to the max.

i didnt win this stuffed animal i wanted:(... julie stopped by for a little..that was cool.. stayed at boomers a little more

than rob drove us home. we jammed out to mike jones it was rad. <3.. rob and mollie are soooo cute omg lol

came back to alexis's took some alieve for my headache. drank grape juice. and just ate cheeze its and watched fresh prince.

today who knows. i think im hanging out with julie.. hahah whats new!!

p.s. im on alexis's laptop and when u type it feels sOOOOO COOL!! omg i cant get over it

to hump my dogs!!!

everything we have is all we need [Thursday
August 25th
ū4:45pm ū
[ mood | pleased ]

hmmm well school is alright..t.v. production is the best!!!!
 i love iced tea it just makes life so much better...
 been hannging out with alexis lately!! shes fucking awesome.
 going to the game tonight with alexis and meeting up with mollie .. should be a good time!!
 hmmm trying to make me jealous are you?? .. i needa stop falling for you but its just so hard to.
  "summertime has come and gone.. all used up with wishful thinking"
 im feeling pretty random today as you can tell..
 chicken fries are the shit especially when the chickens rock and be badasses in the commercial
 Linese danced in the pep rally today.. it was the sex !! HAHAHA ROFL
 well.. then i yelled out the sex was great to my friend. and everyone just looked at me like i was freak
HAHAHA it was humourous
 me and julie made music last night it sounded pretty decent ♥
 no school tomarow that is awesome..
 i wanna start up dance again, i had alotta fun in dance!
 hmmm im thinking about getting a slurpee machine
 i miss my cruise friends STILL!! god im never gonna get over it. Deb your like my long lost sister hahah i love you! and we will see each other this summer. it was awesom especially almsot falling off a cruise ship!!
 hahah im listening to a song about sex... "up the stairs the station where the ass becomes the part of growing up" hahahah wow.. im pretty odd
 nothing else has been really up.
 me and julies dad crushed julies pasta and threw it against a tree. and bent up the box. she was really upset !!!
AHAH the cat just like threw up in my room and left?
you think that you can just fucking walk up to me and act like everythings ok.. when your the one who told on me.. i dont think so bitch think again <333

 well this concludes my wonderful entry im sure you guys loved reading it! mucho amor

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im bored as fuck haha.. [Saturday
August 13th
ū4:39pm ū
[ mood | lazy ]

1. Name: Victoria Lynn Hanifin.
2. Nicknames: Tori..torrence..exc.
3. Birthday: january 5th
4. Place of Birth: NAPLES, FLORIDA
5. Zodiac Sign: capricorn
6. Male or Female: female.
7. Grade: 10th
8. Schools you went to: First Babtist for pre-k...tbe...charter middle school. and now lely
9. Occupation: student
10. Residence: Marco island
11. Screen Name: Meltingnureyes7

__Your Appearance___

12. Hair Color: brownish blonde
13. Hair Length: a little past my shoulders
14. Eye color: blue-green
15. Best Feature: hmm.. my eyes?
16. height: 5'3? 5'4?
17. Braces?: haha yeah.
18. Glasses?: nope
19. Piercing: nope
20. Tattoos: no
21. Righty or Lefty: Lefty

___Your 'Firsts'___

22. First best friend: Michelle Goodie
23. First Award: spelling bee!!! LMAO
24. First Sport You Joined: hmm dancing?
25. First Pet: Scratch :(
26. First Real Vacation: Wales
28. First Love: hahah i dont even remember it was in 3rd grade.

___ Favorites___

29. Movie: The Notebook!
30. TV Show: anything on mtv. or comedy centeral
31. Colors: pink..blue.. and green
32. Rapper: hhaha gotta give it up for lil john and mike jones man
33. Band: hmm thats hard.. here are a few.. taking back sunday..brand new.. blink 182.. and death cab for cutie.
34. Song Right Now: hmm seventy times 7.
35. Friend: oh man!! you all know who you are <3
36. Candy: Rich And dreamy chocolate. and reeces
37. Sport to Play: i like skimboarding and dancing.
38. Restaurant: olive gardenn!!!
39. Favorite brand to wear: hmm i like alot of different brands. mainly pac sun and hollister.
40. Store: Pacific Sunwear
41. School Subject: pshh lunch
42. Animal: White Tiger!
43. book: hmm a bend in the road.
44. Magazine: Cosmo girl all the way!
45. Shoes: Vans, reefs.. or gallas


46. Feeling: ehh ive been better.
48. Have a crush: hahah mayybbee
49. Eating: nothing..but i am baking a cake
50. Drinking: nothing
51. Typing: for this
52. Online?: yes'm
53. Listening To: Shout Out Louds
54. Thinking About: alotta stuff
55. Wanting To: go out and partyy!!
56. Watching: t.v. is off
57. Wearing: cami and pants.


58. Want Kids?: of course
59. Want to be Married: yep
60. Careers in Mind: i wanna do something involving performing arts.
61. Where do you want to live?: CALIFORNIA!
62. Car: spider eclipse

__Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___

63. Hair color:who cares. as long as its not like BLEACH blonde.
64. Hair length: has to be somewhat long. and sexy
65. Eye color: hmm i like blue. but doesnt really matter
66. Measurements: hahahaha what measurements are you talking bout....
67. Cute or Sexy: both
68. Lips or Eyes: eyes
69. Hugs or Kisses: both
70. Short or Tall: taller than me
71. Easygoing or serious: easygoing
72. Romantic or Spontaneous: both
74. Sensitive or Loud: LOUD!. but sensitive when needed.
75. Hook-up or Relationship: BOTH MAN! haha
77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: hahaha trouble maker.. whatta badass he would be

___Have you ever______

78. Kissed a Stranger: yeah
79. Had Alcohol: chyeahhh
80. Smoked: yes
81. Ran Away From Home: when i was like 7 haha. i packed my barbie suitcase. and i was out for 2 minutes.
82. Broken a bone: i think
83. Got an X-ray: yep
85. Broken Someones Heart: yeah :/
86. Broke Up With Someone: yep
87. Cried When Someone Died: yeah? wtf.
88. Cried At School: ya. i think so

___Do You Believe In___

89. God: hell yeah! IM DOWN WITH G-O-D
90. Miracles: yeah they can happen.. just like the hillary duff song lmao
91. Love At First sight: yess!!! of course!!
92. Ghosts: yeah ive seen one before
93. Aliens: hahah ummm its possible!
94. Soul Mates: most definetly
95. Heaven: yeah
96. Hell: hmm i think so
98. Kissing on The First Date: yessum
99. Horoscopes: hahah um some of them arent true. some are

___Answer Truthfully___

100. Is there someone you want but you know you cant have? hmm i have no clue.

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hmmm my day started out just fine... [Tuesday
August 9th
ū3:03pm ū
[ mood | aggravated ]

"&& to all you people that get cars.. before u even
get your freaking licence... and u don`t work.
you dont pay any bills. well.. bottom line
you don`t do anything...

hahahaahah if you wanna talk shit about me please.. say it to me, not in your gay ass journal.. and when your parents wanna buy you a car your not exactly gonna turn that opportunity down.. so dont say stuff when you dont no what the fuck your talking about...what ru gonna do about it i have a car DEAL WITH IT.. get over your jealousy.

alright now that thats out of the way, i hung out with mollie last night! she got me a shirt that says special lady <33 HAAHA.. schools soon, needa go school shopping.

well im off to go watch laguna beach with mollie .. because i love her ♥

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August 4th
ū2:48pm ū
[ mood | i need foood ]



a hornet flew and landed on me..

and then i slapped myself in the face

and ran inside! :0

it was fuckin scary as hell

havent really been doin much..getting along more with my mom. made smores the other night. hanging out with sam friday. today probly get my camera fixed then who knows

last night me and chris talked about how cool it would be to have a name horace schnicklebottoms.

i love you all like a fat kid loves cake!!!

and if i ever loose my heart
ill loose it to a guy
like that... man this kid is so speicial!!! <3..

he needs to know.

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July 25th
ū8:40pm ū
[ mood | thoughtful ]

heeey... well i got a new layout yesterday!!!! props to amanda <3.. its beautiful.. and today nothing really happened talked to a friend from the cruise on the phone. jordan is awesome. and tonight im gonna hang with sadie tiffany and amanda!!!!! WOOOTTT .. you know what this means

BOOKOO FEST <3!! hahahaaha

don't know what im doing tomarow. but i wanna go to the beach and skim. ill probly call up the guys and see if they wanna go too ... much love to everyone!!! <333

i stil miss the cruisees .. especially that one special guy :(


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tod ♥♥♥ [Sunday
July 24th
ū4:57pm ū
me and Amanda made this pic a few nights ago!! IT FUCKING ROCKS.. woooot

TOD = the SEX ♥Collapse )
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July 24th
ū12:46am ū
[ mood | aggravated ]

Last night i spent the night at Julies house it was flippin awesome!!! before i got there me and my mom had a "SomewhaT" open talk.. it felt good to actually talk about stuff..around 11 julies dad is like LETS GO OUT TO DINNER!!! <333 so we headed to crazy flamingo in the pimped out red station wagon thing !!! it was hawt...ate some food and listened to this really good band!! they were incredible they played classic rock and what not it was amazing..not to mention some guy would dance everynow n then that was in booty shorts lmao! then around 1:30 we left and got BOOKOO!! WOOOOT watched a little Dane Cook when we got back..hes hillarious..talked about life and the usuall...then went to bed but i didnt get to bed till around 8 cuz i drank all of that bookoo shit. and i couldnt sleep hahha.. the next day i found it gey how my parents thought i partied and drank and shit.. screw that. i acutally didnt for once. i was proud !! had about 5 hours of sleep woke up around 11:30.. played her awesome guitar!! I LOVE IT! ate food and watched some of you drive me crazy..dad picked me up..THEN I CALLED UP AMANDA!! YAA BUDDY.. me and her went down to the beach for a little.. skimmed with austin and james..austin got a new board it looks really cool! haha im kind of jealous!? i lost my bracelet :( the fish like ate it. oh well as amanda says just steal alex's!!?!? hahaha Wow shes awesome..THE PIMP OF THE SEAS. PSH MY ASS.. asked this kid if his name was cornelious he gave me like the fucking death stare WTF MATE!?.. hes pretty badas. walked down to 7-11. Austin treated us all to slurpees. james has cool aviator glasses.. saw audreys mom who i havent seen for forever and a day!!!! and sydney oh man it was rad.. dad picked us up dropped amanda off.. AMANDA I STILL HAVE YOUR SKIMBOARD AND YOU HAVE MY SHOES BY THE WAY!...i was really PISSSEDDD OFF!! cuz my phone is fucking broken i dont know what happened to it.. screw that though. i hope i can fix it.. had to fix my computer when i came home too!! ughh it sucked.. and i just got off the phone with Chris about a few hours ago..hahaha wow hes hillarious. TOMAROW I GET TO SEE SADIE AND TIFF YAY X 102381904724 this should be fun time... hahaha..jimmy likes to make you got served movies..my moms a fucking complete bitch i leave to go throw a plate away and she fucking reads my live journal. and gets pissed cuz i stayed up all night. why is it her business "im disrespeciting the household"

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Holy Shit .. last night was awesome [Friday
July 22nd
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i really need to stop waking up so damn late!!!.. i effing waste the day away.. so yesterday chilled around the house for a little then around 7 amanda came over!!!!.. chris hurt his knee skateboarding :(... were all gonna have a kneebrace party!! hahaha lmao..so when amanda came over i felt a BIG craving for cookies..and i remembered these REALLY good ones molly had...so im like wtf lets go get cookies!! well.. lets just say we didnt leave right away we left after about 3 hourS!! waiting for the stupid ass thundering to go away.. but then we figured out that it was heat lightning.. so we embarked on our journey for cookies and energy drinks!!! WOOOOT!...HAHAHAH LURCH <3... amanda fell off her bike cuz i screamed that there was a snake and it ended up being a twig. it was awesome.. when we got to windexxi these girls were like "hola" and amanda flashed them an intimidating death stare it was hawt.. we got the BEST cookies.. and chapstick!!.. i saw my friend Jonelle who works there.. what a thug.. then we ventured down to 7-11 cuz were hardcore like that.. and there was an awesome guy wearing like some sort of panama jack hat?.. this is when i found out the meaning of love... one word BOOKOO <3..amanda suggested that we try it..but i didnt know if id like it so i grabbed a full throttle.. chips..and crystal light mini packets...when we got home we baked the cookies. and drank some bookoo wild berry!! OMFG ITS TO DIE FOR!! wow.. after about half of the bookoo we were going madddd crazy!!!.. and i suggested to my friend greg that i met on the cruise that i was gonna make him some cookies and send them up to new york!!! hahaha what a great idea.. well me and amanda made the coolest thing in the whole fucking world using paint . TOD + MULLET MAN = MY INSPIRATION!!!... ill try and post it up here.. greg said that he would hang it up on his wall <3!!! hahahah. after our little spaz attacks and hyperness i called chris and talked for about hmm 3 hours i think.. hes so awesome. he said the fucking funniest thing "if i had toes like that id hide in the sewer like the phantom of the opera" LMAO WOW.. so i almost broke my neck last night doing fucking backflip things off my bed.. i dont know me and amanda were just reallllly hypper hahahha.. well tonight im contemplating on going to the glover fest!!! i hope i can go its like the biggest party of the year.. so hopefully i can go.. drink all you want till you pass out sounds like a fun time to me man!!!

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